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Change Log:-

- Anoha Witch unique has been removed from Anoha Witch Room
- Anoha Witch Room renamed to Foxinto Event
- Avatars [Lux 2019 - Red Scourge] are tradable now
- Added 2x Enchantress Room [Thieves - Hunters]
- Added Enchantress Quest
- Mobs has been removed from Medusa [STR-INT]
- Stat Scrolls now can be stored at the storage
- Warrior defense has been modified
??Enchantress Room:-
- They are 2 rooms from thieves vs hunters. A job war for a unique called The Enchantress
- Kill Enchantress 5x times to finish its quest. RW = Donate Coin
- Zerk is allowed inside the room for more fun.
- Enchantress room open everyday at 7pm for 30mins
- The unique appear every 1 min after death
- If you like the room i'll add 2x time for it

Change Log:-

- Our filter has been upgraded
- Added new Dynamic shop at our GUI Menu
- Town Music has been enabled
- HP Pet - Grass of Life - Abnormal stat max stuck has been increased [from 1k to 5k.. and from 50 to 500]
- 13D Drop has been removed from Baghdad mobs
- Max stuck of new Trade pet has been increased from 10 to 50
- Added new Custom Icon [Boshkash Ma7foz]
- Added Avatar Gender Switch [from male >< female] at F10 by free silk
- Added 1k free silk scroll at F10
- Roc (INT-STR) hp has been fixed
- Added new Medusa [STR-INT] for weekly unique event
- Added 2x Anoha Witch Room [1 for hunters - 1 for thieves]
- New Dungeon lvl2 drop letter rate has been increased to 60%
- Added new donate avatars [donate only]

and more

Change Log:-

- Added new GUI Menu
- Modified our GUI menu features and tables
- Unique History has been modified
- Added New LMS Event [will be twice per day]
- Added New Dance scrolls [will be added later at the shop]
- Added New Music Scrolls [will be added later at the shop]
- Added new Grap Pets
- Added new Custom Icons [at Donate Shop]
- Guild/Union Emblem has been fixed
- Ancient Remains mobs has been modified to lvl 129 [Karakoram - Dark Shinm map]
- Salt Post Alex mobs has been modified to lvl 127~130
- Pet Letters drop rate has been increased at lvl 2 Dungeon from 45% to 55%
- Added New Avatars
.... and more.. Regards
New GUI Menu

Change Log:-

- Added new Counter for Survival [Job] arena
- Added new Counter for Honor [Job] arena
- Added new Survival [Cap] arena event
- Added new Counter for Survival [Cap] arena
- Disable blader shield buffs in rooms
- Disable spear/glaive bloody buffs in rooms
- Bone Roc HP has been decreased 50% for fast lvlup
- All unique drop 5 CS has been incresed to 10~15 CS
- Free Avatar has been removed from Boxes [for better drop chances]
- Dungeon Premium lucky rate has been increased to 25%
- Dungeon Premium icons has been upgraded
- Added new The Roc time. [Appear 2 times: 3pm - 1am]
- Added custom Title Color
- Joker-Harley avatar has been fixed
- Added new filter features [new kill counter - new unique history - Item Linking ....etc]
............ and more

Change Log:-

- Crash issue has been fixed at DW areas and around the map
- [Crew Force] buff for Bow and Glaiver skills has been modified to be Passive skills
- Some scrolls has been disabled while job to avoid cheating at Survival/Honor for more fun
- Survival Arena time has been changed to 7:30pm
- Madness Event time has been changed to 6:30pm
- 10 Silk/h issue has been fixed
- Added new Grap Pets [Ancient Pets]
- Added new Attack Pets
- Added instant Cap at Madness and Fight Room
- Jangan FW has been disabled and Hotan FW has been Enabled
- PVP Notice System has been edited to the right log to avoid spam
- Added new Notice Colors for all systems
- Added new GUI Menu Filter with new features
- Added chat Item Linking
- Added Custom Title scroll at the shop
- Added Char name Color scrolls at the shop

Hint: who have any issue with the new exe files, download this and extract in the game folder

Server Info

  • PlayerOnline 591 / 2000
    Server is : ONLINE
  • Cap 130
  • Degree 14
  • Race CH/EU
  • Type PVE
  • Fortress War SOON
  • Auto Events Daily
  • Weekly Event Available
  • Max Plus 16 noAdv
  • PC (HWID) Limit 10
  • Guild Limit 32
  • Union Limit 2
  • Battle Arena Yes
  • Survival Arena Yes By Job
  • Wanted System Enabled
  • Honor System Yes By Job


  • Servertime: 16:23:51
  • Fortresswar:
  • FW Register: Every Day
  • Next BA:
  • Honor System:
  • Madness Event:
  • Survival [Job]:
  • Special Trade:
  • The Roc:
  • Selkis - Neith:
  • Anubis - Isis:


Last 10 Unique Kills

  • Albert has killed Zed The Beast(INT) -01:56:39 ago

  • Braxa has killed Demon Shaitan -01:54:31 ago

  • Braxa has killed Dark Sider(INT) -01:50:54 ago

  • _No_Time has killed Zed The Beast(STR) -01:50:26 ago

  • Punsher has killed Kaisiniel(STR) -01:49:05 ago

  • _No_Time has killed Granny(STR) -01:45:39 ago

  • _No_Time has killed Epic Golem(STR) -01:43:50 ago

  • _No_Time has killed Captain Panda -01:40:22 ago

  • AFAND1NA has killed Granny(INT) -01:32:06 ago

  • deVoo has killed Dark Sider(STR) -01:31:21 ago

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