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Change log:-

- Added new Hidden Dungeon areas [will be enabled soon]
- Added new missing Life Turnover for wizard
- 15D Stones success rate has been increased
- Upgrade scroll drop rate has been increased at Dungeon lvl 2 from 20% to 30%
- PT vs PT room has been enabled [event will be made there]
- 25D-26D-27D Donate styles now working at 15D with the same scroll
- Added new Rank scrolls [will be enabled later]
- Added Critical/Block stones for 15D at the shop
- Switch 15D weps has been added to our bot system
- Switch 15D shields has been added to the Shield scroll at the shop

and more..

Change Log:-

- Ostrich attack pet lvl140 was like the Roc issue has been fixed
- HWT unique dmg has been fixed to cap 140 [it'll be decreased a little later]
- HWT unique SP scroll drop rate has been increased to 35%
- Baghdad mobs lvl has been fixed to 135
- Dungeon pets dmg has been fixed
- Dungeon pets debuff skills now is lvl 14
- EXP rate has been increased
- Added a new FW time at Tuesday at 8:00pm [no buffers - limit 1]
- Normal items drop has been added to Baghdad mobs
- Normal items drop has been added to 136~140 mobs [Sky Temple - Samarkand..etc]
- 14D Sun drop rate has been increased
- HWT Scroll price has been fixed at the shop
- SP Scrolls price has been decreased at the shop
- Added 10k HP/MP at the shop by dc
- Job Temple time has been changed to [7:30pm - 10:10pm]
- Survival Arena[JOB] is back at 8:30pm
- 15D Stones has been added to the shop by HC
- Upgrade Scroll has been added from 14D Max to 15D Max
- Madness event [STR-INT] now drop upgrade scroll with rate 50%
- Dungeon lvl 1 last boss drop upgrade scroll with rate 10%
- Dungeon lvl 2 last boss drop upgrade scroll with rate 20%
- HWT lvl3 unique drop upgrade scroll with rate 5%
- Added custom weapon styles for 15d [7-8-9-10-11 D][donate only for now]
And more fixes

Cap 140 Info:-

- Lvlup has been increased to 140
- Lvlup EXP rate will be hard
- Mastery Skills has been opened till 140
- Isro 140 skills has been enabled
- New Chars created with instant 130, full Nova 14D +7 FB (61%)
- All mobs has been edited to lvl 135~140
- Reach Max lvl system has been enabled [first 25 player get 140 will get 300dc]
- EU buffers has been enabled everywhere
- CH Balance skill has been increased
- Honor/VIP Rooms has been removed for now
- 14D Moon drop has been removed
- 14D Sun Drop has been increased
- PC Limit has been decreased to 10
- Added new GodBless at the shop by [CS+Gold]
- Added SP Scrolls [1m - 5m SP]
- Old GodBless has been removed from the shop
- Old Premium has been removed from the shop
- Wanted System has been enabled
- Added new Unique [Enchantress STR/INT] at Enchantress room
- Job Temple unique drop [3~5 SP Scrolls] - Enchantress INT/STR drop [5~8 SO Scrolls]
- Added 1m SP scroll to Diamond Box
- Added 1m SP scroll to Lottery Scroll
>> For Up Skills to 140: You can't up the skills from botting at mobs. You must get SP Scrolls to up your skills to lvl 140

>> Soon:
- 15D Items will be enabled later
- 15D Stones will be added at 15D NPC
- 15D Items can be wear at lvl 140 only
- 15D Upgrade Scroll will be enabled later
- More SP Scrolls will be added
- VIP Buffs will be added later [points from uniques]
- VIP Buffs % will be decreased
- A new attack pet will be added
- Add daily quest give SP Scroll later
- A new unique lvl 140 will be added later
- 14D Sun at the shop will be increased to +12
- Enable Dungeon lvl3
- Enable HWT Temple

Restart Info:-

- Old mobs has been removed from Samarkand
- Added mobs 128~129 at Samarkand with high rate
- Kill GM event now has 10 rounds instead of 5 rounds
- All unique time now appear every 1h instead of 2h
- Demon Warrior drop has been modified [Added Dark Box with rate 30%]
- Arch Angel drop has been modified [Added Diamond Box with rate 40%]
- Narun drop has been modified [Added Eninent avatar (F-M) with rate 5%]
- Warrior skins has been disabled inside Battle Arena

... and more..

Change Log:-

- Some useless scrolls has been removed from Donate Shop
- Added a new skill for Sword build [Beta]
- Added 2x Enachantress [STR-INT] unique. Will be add at the map soon
- Nova 14D items drop has been removed
- Moon 14D Items drop rate has been increased
- Survival Arena[Cap] bug has been fixed
- Added Zerk scrolls at Donate Shop
- Scud skill [dagger speed] has been enabled inside Battle arena and job rooms
- 14D Sun scroll now give 14D+12 no adv items [dropped at the New Dungeon]
- Exit/Restart attack bug has been disabled inside Madness room
- BoneRoc now appear every 5mins [at lvlup room]
- Added new avatars
- Zerk scrolls has been added to Dark Box [dropped from Job Temple unq] has been modified.

Server Info

  • PlayerOnline 577 / 2000
    Server is : ONLINE
  • Cap 130
  • Degree 14
  • Race CH/EU
  • Type PVE
  • Fortress War SOON
  • Auto Events Daily
  • Weekly Event Available
  • Max Plus 16 noAdv
  • PC (HWID) Limit 10
  • Guild Limit 32
  • Union Limit 2
  • Battle Arena Yes
  • Survival Arena Yes By Job
  • Wanted System Enabled
  • Honor System Yes By Job


  • Servertime: 16:28:57
  • Fortresswar:
  • FW Register: Every Day
  • Next BA:
  • Honor System:
  • Madness Event:
  • Survival [Job]:
  • Special Trade:
  • The Roc:
  • Selkis - Neith:
  • Anubis - Isis:


Last 10 Unique Kills

  • Albert has killed Kidemonas -01:59:26 ago

  • Braxa has killed Kaisiniel(INT) -01:57:28 ago

  • Punsher has killed Horned Demon(STR) -01:55:25 ago

  • _No_Time has killed Dark Shinm(STR) -01:55:11 ago

  • Albert has killed Horned Demon(INT) -01:54:12 ago

  • ELGZAR has killed Rogue Demon(INT) -01:53:52 ago

  • Albert has killed Zed The Beast(INT) -01:51:33 ago

  • Braxa has killed Demon Shaitan -01:49:25 ago

  • Braxa has killed Dark Sider(INT) -01:45:48 ago

  • _No_Time has killed Zed The Beast(STR) -01:45:20 ago

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